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Feng Shui for Business

Feng Shui consultations are available to help your business project an overwhelming aura of comfort, style and success so that your clients feel welcome, cared for and that their needs will be fulfilled.

We can help you design and arrange your entranceway to create a positive, lasting first impression that will attract business and success. It will be designed to allow the chi to flow smoothly so the opportunities can pour in.

We can help you choose or design your company logo, the most visible symbol of the company's self-image and an image that the public will identify the business by. Due to the very significant affect the logo has on how the public perceives the company, and thus on your success, it is critical to get this right.

Feng Shui lays out specific guidelines that we use to help design spaces to complement the "natural" ways humans react and feel comfortable. In addition to the above, we can provide recommendations:

•  to enhance the energy coming to the locale and into the premises

•  the best arrangement of activities and operations in each area

•  lucky colors, best directions and locations for the senior executives

•  interior decor ideas

•  the protection of relationship energy (clients and customers)

•  the support and promotion of wealth energy

•  cures for any imbalances

Feng Shui for Developers and Architects

With the growing popularity of alternative forms of living you might consider the benefits of offering Feng Shui services to your clients when designing or developing a real estate project. More and more building owners are looking to Feng Shui as a design element they wish to incorporate into their living and working spaces due to the multiple benefits Feng Shui offers.

An example of a building project that has received much acclaim is Kanaya in Sarasota , Florida designed completely
with Feng Shui and “green” building principles. The units have been in high demand and the prices achieved reflect this demand, together with the exceptional services and utility this building offers.

As developers and architects you can achieve similar success by offering a unique, quality product that is in harmony with the environment and benefits the occupants. These tangible benefits flow through to your business by way of increased profits and enhanced reputation.

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