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Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui Consultations:

Sandy provides expert and detailed Feng Shui advice, delivered in a timely and professional manner. Having studied both traditional and modern schools of Feng Shui, combined with 18 years of residential and commercial real estate valuation experience and teaching, Sandy can help you achieve optimum results from your property.

Feng Shui consultations are available for either your home or business whether you are starting or growing a business, planning to build, renovate or want an assessment of your existing building. Each Feng Shui consultation is an involved process tailored to suit your individual home/building situation and its occupants. The result is a space that is truly in balance with nature and supports you in reaching all your goals.

•  Building Design:

Personalized building design advice is provided to help you determine the most auspicious positioning and use of rooms in the planning of proposed buildings, both domestic and commercial. We work with you and your architects to help design the most advantageous configuration of space to your specific requirements. We can also advise on the most auspicious time to build.

•  Interior Renovations :

For those planning renovations or building extensions to their existing properties, we assist with the design and drawing up of the most beneficial configuration according the individual specific needs of clients. Additionally, we can advise on the most auspicious time to renovate.

•  Existing Buildings:

For those wishing to have a full written audit of their existing property, an in-depth assessment of the current Feng Shui of your property is conducted. The written report contains extensive recommendations of the enhancements to be made in order to help maximize the Feng Shui of your home, office or business premises. These written audits require an on-site visit. Should this not be possible, we do offer long distance assessments but naturally these can not be carried out to the same high standards that an on-site visit will offer.

Tele: +1-904-315-0908     E-mail: Dr_SandyBond@yahoo.com     Address: 1093 A1A Beach Blvd. #332, St. Augustine, FL 32080, USA
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