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Other Feng Shui Applications

Chinese Horoscopes :

The Chinese horoscope is made up of twelve animal signs that are similar to the twelve signs of the Western Zodiac, but are determined by the year you were born rather than the month. The twelve animals are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

You can use your horoscope to help with decisions about careers, compatibility, health, travel, finances and luck to aid personal growth and development. Your horoscope not only tells you what may happen to you in

all these sectors during a specific year, whether they will be favored or subject to tribulations, but it also gives you such pertinent advice as to allow you to take action to live a richer and more satisfactory life.

Four Pillars of Destiny Analysis:

Four Pillars of Destiny is one of the more sophisticated branches of Chinese Astrology. Using this detailed technique, one is able to draw up a blue print of a person's life and advise them on what action to take during various phases of their life. The Chinese SOLAR calendar is used to calculate a four pillar chart. In order to draw up a four pillar chart, the year, month, day and time of birth must be

known as well as the place of birth. We also need to know the longitude of the birth place in order to adjust the time of birth to true local time. If daylight savings time was in effect in certain parts of the world, this must also be taken into account.  

A complete birth chart will have four "pillars" (consisting of four “heavenly stems” and four “earthly branches”). The information it provides is invaluable to acquiring a clearer understanding of all the most crucial aspects of life.

Four Pillars information can be used to determine:

  • The compatibility of business partners and prospective marriage partners.
  • What kind of career you will be most successful in.
  • Your wealth prospects.
  • Deciding on the timing of events such as the most suitable date to: start a new business venture, change jobs, move house, travel, get married, etc.
  • Health: which organs of the body are strong or vulnerable.
  • Your elemental make. This can then be combined with your building Feng Shui analysis to maximize the adjustment outcomes.

Can we change our destiny?

Your Four Pillars of Destiny is a map or blueprint of your life which, in itself, cannot be changed.  It is what we were born with.  However, if we understand our chart and take appropriate action, then we will be doing the right thing at the right time.  When we do this we are better able to overcome obstacles during challenging times and better able to grasp opportunity during favorable times.

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