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Feng Shui: Personal Testimonial of Dr. Sandy Bond

In July 2004, I was on sabbatical in Florida , USA from my New Zealand University where I worked as a Professor. My father lived in Buderim, a coastal town in Queensland , Australia and was suffering ill health. He had terminal prostate cancer which had metastasized into his hip, shoulder and neck bones, causing severe pain and limiting his mobility. He had been taking morphine for the pain but continued to suffer. The pain became so severe that he was admitted to the hospital.

I felt helpless being so many thousands of miles away from my father, but I phoned him regularly. After he was admitted to the hospital I was not sure if I would get through to him by phone, but dialed the hospital number and was put directly through to his private room line. He sounded terrible, groggy and distant, I could barely understand him. He was so drugged by morphine that the hospital staff had to administer oxygen. The situation seemed dire.
After I got off the phone I looked through my Feng Shui texts to find a solution that I might be able to activate from a distance to help my poor father's situation.

I placed a small, beautiful water fountain in the health and family sector of our home, placed some incense and small lighted candles by it and said a healing prayer with such strong intention, believing in a positive outcome.

Two days later I phoned my father in the hospital. He was off both the oxygen and the morphine and was pain-free for the first time in months. Some time later I found out from his caretaker that the doctors at the time of his healing were mystified by it, there being no logical reason for the sudden improvement in his health. The Power of Feng Shui spoke loudly to me that day!!

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