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What is Feng Shui?

The term “Feng Shui” means “wind and water”. The wind refers to the carrier of “Chi”, or energy, and the water refers to the container of “Chi” (energy). Ideally, we want this “Chi” to flow freely through our man-made and physical environments. This is the aim of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui makes up one of the ‘Eight Rays of Traditional Chinese Medicine'. The other seven are herbs, acupuncture, food energetics, meditation, moxa, astrology and exercise.

Just as in the practice of Acupuncture, where work is done to bring about harmony and balance in the free flow of Chi through our bodies, so in Feng Shui the practitioner works to attain the same harmony and balance in the free flow of Chi through our homes, work spaces and surrounding environment.

Your home and work environment, the places where you spend a lot of your time, often reflect your current psychological and spiritual state, as well as your physical well-being. If you are feeling stressed, suffering from ill health that is hard to diagnose, arguing with family members for no apparent reason, not succeeding in your career despite working long hours then it might be worth checking out the Feng Shui of your home and work environment. By aligning your surroundings with the forces of nature you will become more grounded and life will begin to flow freely again in a healthier, happier, more successful fashion.

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